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Invitation to people who would like to study meditation and self healing with me

Invitation to people who would like to study meditation and self healing with me

(I’m an awakened teacher of meditation, and I have a lot to give to anyone who would like to learn how to meditate for your own wellbeing and learning how to heal your emotional pains and sufferings. In the process you begin to become a teacher of others in your life as well, as they begin to see how much more peaceful and happier you become.

I wrote the following for another website. Seems useful to post it here as well.

The first session is mostly a time for us to get acquainted with each other, ask each other questions so that I understand what you want to begin working on, the sorts of things you want to learn and the kinds of issues you want to heal; and a chance for you to ask any questions to help you understand who I am, my story if you would like to know some of it, and how I work.  

Although I may begin to teach you some meditation then as a part of getting a sense of all of the above, no thank you gift is expected.  The benefits begin with the first session, but more in the next session and following.)

Sessions can be by phone, webcam, instant message, and also with added support of email.

We will design your course according to your needs and goals

Class size: Individual, or small Groups

Duration: 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hrs on average.

Structure of time:

1. A Learning Conversation; sometimes you guide it, sometimes I do. We find out what you are learning this week, and how I can help with your process.

2. Meditation together: guided or silent, and of various types and levels. I work with subtle bodies or auric energies and can support you as you heal; I can teach you how to work with your own energies as well.

3. We Review Your Experiences in meditation, looking to see what we can learn together from them for your ongoing progress and mastery. In this way, you become more self-sufficient over time. You’re not just learning to meditate; you’re learning to learn how to grow in your practice of meditation. 

Your intuition is your primary guide: my work is to help you become aware of  your intuition and trust yourself. I will also help you test your understanding of what your intuition, your inner sense of knowing, is saying to you, and to evaluate and learn from your personal experiments in understanding and acting on what you are knowing in daily life. In this way, you increasingly become more sure of yourself in all aspects of your life; including your spiritual development.

As time goes on, students’ peacefulness and compassion for self and others tends to increase so that large problems become small and then nonexistent, and new problems are less likely to develop. This can be true for many physical, emotional and relational symptoms.

All of this is primarily due to the fact that you are discovering by experience (not only words) how to love yourself deeply, fully, and richly.

Cost: a few days after your session, when you have felt the benefit of our work, you are invited to gift me as a thank you. Currently as I am still new to teaching, I am suggesting a gift of $30 after each session, if you agree that you have benefited.  You can see more about how this works here:

So many healers and teachers of various kinds charge you before you are healed or taught.

For me, I feel it is better that I give you what I have first, and you can decide if what you received is worth the suggested gift. That way you get the proof of the value before you give back. I hope this makes sense to you.

Counselors can heal you for a price (usually a big one), but then you are mostly where you were before you started; if you learn how to heal your own emotional energies (karma) through meditation, then you become ever more capable of bringing peace into your life from within. You also become stronger over time, gaining energy, and eventually awakening. And you become progressively wiser.  Thus, you become more progressively more able to be self-reliant. To me, this is a better deal. If you agree, then you will probably make a great meditator 🙂

Your questions are encouraged and appreciated. You can leave messages in the comments below, or email me at karenmeginnis7 (at) gmail (dot) com.



Books and Websites

(This section is currently under construction: there are many more excellent books I would like to share with you as time goes on and I have a chance to list them all for you)


Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery by Rupert Sheldrake

A really excellent book by a brilliant and prodigious author who critiques the history, methods and current conclusions of science, on the basis of scientific method, from the vantage point of an accomplished scientist. This work shows some critical aspects of how the world works (and you are in for some big surprises), the scientific evidence of which, science has hidden and obscured from us, largely because of self interest, bias and downright avoidance or prejudice.  Also highly readable.

Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition

by Christopher D. Wallis, illustrations by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik. Not the western sexually oriented tantra we all have heard of; this author uses his long years of linguistic and tantrik philosophical studies to directly translate several key texts (previously unavailable in English) of the ancient tantrik poly-traditions (my term) in order to create a clear picture of their most important insights into nonduality and what it can mean for us.  Something many yoga practitioners will be surprised to learn is that the tantrik schools further developed, evolved and refined yoga over the very long period from Patanjali to their ending.  Dr. Wallis, or Hareesh, also has a great website, TantrikStudies, which has a wealth of useful and informative teachings in various forms.

Websites and Web Materials:

accesstoinsight.org contains translations of many ancient Buddhist texts (Tipitaka) and a vast, searchable Library of illuminating and very helpful articles on the tradition and modern day practice of Theravada Buddhism. If you are you are a yogi, I think you will find that Buddhism has a perspective on suffering which will complement philosophy and practice greatly. It may also challenge you in new ways you hadn’t expected. And it can make you very happy.

swamij.com is a very well organized (and very searchable ) site introducing yoga philosophy and explaining various meditative practices. It also provides a clear and succinct translation and commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, as well as explanation and guidance through the practice of kundalini yoga.  The author of this site is a truly wonderful communicator and teacher in the setting of writing for a general audience. Although I do not recommend direct communication with him I am profoundly indebted to him for his well organized and highly useful site which provides some insights I’ve not seen anywhere else.

TantrikStudies (see above under Tantra Illuminated for description of content)

Recent insights

Even though I often experience amazing bliss and peace, I still frequently stress out over various things great and not so great. Conclusion: When I’m enlightened it’s just an incredible experience, but it’s not as constant all the time as it seems like it will be when I’m in the throes of that bliss and oneness.  It’s truly embarrassing to admit this, but the only way to finish the job is to practice humility and be truthful; conceit and dishonesty render us incapable of experiencing the Truth; also dangerous to those we would like to teach what we do actually know so far.

Also, a small smile can help me climb back up the chakras out of stress and into peace and awakening much faster than meditation. Why is it so difficult to remember this? And to meditate with a small smile on one’s face? Priceless.

Finally, a fellow meditator tonight told me the chakras are part of the endocrine system and related to regulation of the adrenal glands. I’ve not yet looked this up to verify it, but if it turns out to be true, it could at least help to explain why the adrenal gland comes under regulation by a meditator over time, and also why moving up out of the lower chakras also gets one out of that stressful state of anxiety.

Musings which follow that are: how closely are adrenaline and desire related, anyway? Also; no wonder when I’m below the third eye I feel so stressed!  In fact it seems like just thinking of it this way could give a way to remember to let go of chakras below the crown and stop stressing myself, and move up out of the body.  But, it all still needs more information to make sense of. What do others know about all this? Any good references?

Finally; so, if the endocrine-chakra relationship and also the close adrenal gland relationship are indeed true, then given there is no physical counterpart to area above the head, wonder what on earth is going on in that change from endocrine system to non-physical.  Possibility the specifics of that change could involve useful information.


Things to come: New Name and a New Facebook Group

Things to come: New Name and a New Facebook Group

The following plans are under consideration, and input is sought from all readers and interested parties. The overall purpose of these changes will be to foster a more easily available and richer, livelier experience for everyone involved.

We will be choosing a new name for this blog, and eventually setting up a new blog under that name.

The goal of the new blog name will be to create a simple, clear and original name which will be memorable and express the purpose of this blog, as well as serving as a brief and easy-to-remember web address.  All ideas welcome–email me or comment below.

We will also be setting up a new Facebook group with the newly selected name. The primary goal of this group will be to facilitate communication and conversation between all involved parties:

          Between teachers and students

          Also between students and each other

The new FB group will enable us to communicate and coordinate activities with other spiritual traditions and organizations which any of us are also involved in.

Finally the FB group it will also enable

Announcements of upcoming events

Sharing of periodic brief inspirational quotes by various scriptures and writers

After the new name has been chosen, the Facebook group will be started and developed in the next days/weeks, and then the new blog will be created and existing material transitioned over to it before transitioning over to it permanently.

Dear Readers; your input is welcome and appreciated:  all comments, ideas, and suggestions relating to any of the above plans are welcome. If you see that something important has been left out, you are also welcome to bring that up as well. 

Please email me with your thoughts at KarenMeginnis7@gmail.com, or comment below.

Sharing grace, peace, and bliss,




Coming soon:

More information about me, my life, journey, experiences in practice.

Future blog subjects currently under contemplation:  (readers please also be invited to send suggestions for topics you are curious about)

Developing a brief questionnaire for beginning students on what motivates you personally to motivate, what you have learned so far, how meditation has affected your life (both pluses and minuses), what you would like to learn, and what you would like to share with teachers and other students about what you have learned. Actually, this is a good start; anyone interested in learning from me, please be invited to answer the above questions. This can be for your own use, and if you so desire, you can also send it to me.

The nature of desire, how it relates to suffering, how it can serve the aspirant in progress toward enlightenment, and how to experiment with desire.

How does awakening actually “feel?” and why is this so?

Why is the Buddha’s advice to practice the 4 kinds of love so effective in helping free the aspirant from suffering?

How to conduct and learn from your own experiments in life practice and mediation. How to share what you have learned with your teachers and other students

How meditation changes the heart and mind of the meditator 

How Buddhism and Yoga meditation compliment each other in helping the student progress toward awakening.

Also coming: links to resources for meditation and related groups. If you are personally a part of a meditation group or tradition that you find helpful, please send me their info along with you they have benefited you. They will be considered for future inclusion in this list. The same is true of books and web resources on meditation and enlightenment. 


waking up

March 30th 2017

This poem was written  a week or two ago, during meditation.

I was meditating, and felt I needed to express lovingkindness and compassion as part of my process right then. It seemed like the most caring thing I could do was to write a poem for my friends at IBMR’S Thursday Sangha’s, to help you all see your way toward experiencing what I’m experiencing these days. I don’t know if  you “do” emotion, but the joy I felt as I wrote this down to share with you all, caused me to just wail….several times.

I hope it will help you feel both courage and freedom to step forward on your path, in confidence that you are moving toward your own greatest happiness.


waking up

take off these shabby clothes;

underneath you are the sun

let go those tatters you still cling to,

and shine



take off the mask and cape

the dress-up wig and pearls

and shiny ballroom gown

that auntie lets you play with.


time to get out of the toy choo-choo

the plastic airplane

the hidey hole you dug in the sand


it was wonderful for a time to play

with all your might;

to pretend you were a knight, or housewife

a captain of a whaler, or a cook


it was really great fun for a while

but now you’re tired and kind of hungry

so get off the merry-go-round horsey

and come have the most wonderful lunch


filling, satisfying, so good


You had a lot of fun,

you really played your heart out, I know

and you were great;

nobody could kill the dragons better than you


but pretend time can wear a body out,

performance is hard work and after a while it gets a little old

so help Sally put away the stage curtains made of old drapes,

the schoolhouse desks and homework you graded that she wrote

put the soldier backpack away

and the diver’s goggles


look now at all your playmates,

irritable, hungry,

Hannah smacked Georgie on the head

because she just needed something to hit

and that there he was, getting on her nerves.


take Georgie in one arm, Hannah in the other

both howling

and guide them to the table

where there is a good good lunch


when you care for someone hurting,

you both take a bite of wholeness

so eat up now, I promise,

every taste of compassion

will remind you of That,

the Wholeness that you really are


Every bite of caring for another

gives you strength to eat the whole world.


Story time;


Now and then some clouds gather

and cover up the sun almost completely for a while;

very little light gets through

and after a while, you might be tempted to think

the clouds really won; they finally smothered the sun

and we’ll never see its happy light again.


But you know of course it’s an illusion.


Here’s what I want to tell you;


You are that sun

that brilliant light in my story.

And I know that you always knew

those flimsy vaporous clouds

were just a momentary illusion,


a trick the weather played on you

about a vast celestial object;

so big and brilliant they never had a chance;

you knew, you never doubted

what was really true


So now, try not to stare too hard at

these vapors and shadows you see around you

making it look like

this world is real,

like we are all tiny separate souls

alone, lonely,


remember not to call this darkness real

instead, see, feel the light of the sun that you are;

see the light in your friends here now,

waiting for that good meal, hungry and tired

when you can’t see the light in you, see it in them;

it’s the same light…


that girl, throwing her tantrum

on the playroom floor just now

see her frustration, feel it


then feel behind it to the light

that is who she really is

it is also who you really are


sooth her

help her to her feet

help her wash her hands and get her plate


go with her to the table

and help her choose a sandwich and take a bite

every bite of compassion that she takes

is a bite you take as well


every act of empathy, of love

is a bite of wholeness

a little nourishment,

is a bite out of those clouds

That block your light


every act of empathy is

a reminder of what it was like

what it will feel like once again

when you let go completely

all the tattered rags of stories and pretendings


gradually, gradually relax,

let go all that covers up the truth

all that hides you from

the oneness of all those people

that are also you–

each one pretending to be

a movie star or a soldier or a teacher or a nun


then there will be only that one vast sun


soon, after not so long

you’ll get good at this letting go

and you will feel so peaceful

one day, you will finally relax completely,

and just let yourself shine








Bhante Henepola Gunaratana on Vipassana Meditation BY BHANTE HENEPOLA GUNARATANA| DECEMBER 8, 2016




I see some people have liked this post.  I would like to mention, that I have found this practice to be really useful for myself personally. Although I meditated yoga-style for 18 years and made a lot of progress that way, I’ve only done Vipassana for about a month and have found it enables me to discover and heal childhood trauma and other wounds, and release the egoic desires, aversions, and identifications which turned difficult situations into actual trauma and suffering, much faster than I was ever able to do through the yoga.

Not to say that the yoga wasn’t useful; it was and is. Currently it has enabled my mind under the direction of my consciousness, to be the “rubber room” I always thought I would need in order to heal this stuff. I don’t think it would be nearly so easy to peacefully and gracefully deal with the things coming up if I hadn’t developed those skills and understandings first.

Do you need to learn yoga to do Vipassana? I imagine it all depends on who you are and what your history and the makeup of your mind is.  All I want to communicate here is that I’ve found each of these practices to be really helpful for me.