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My Teachers and Traditions

(This area is currently under construction).

This section will be an ongoing list of traditions and teachers past and present who have helped to shape my practice and journey. 

Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats; IBMR.ORG; An amazing and beautiful group of people led by Orlando Gustilo, who is also their principle teacher.  Emphasis is on both meditation and teaching in the Buddhist Theravada tradition.

Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Group–Viet T. Le leads this group and has been a very patient and helpful teacher.

MindWithoutWalls  Buddhist blogger Mike–has been an invaluable teacher, who first introduced me to the principles of Buddhism.

Swami Rama--guru who till he left the body (circa 1980’s–I’ll get this date later but you can find it at the website) taught and served as a fully enlightened master. You can find his books on Amazon including Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita–this was the book that opened my life. I have read and studied several other of his books and lectures over the years.  Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International (AHYMSIN)  Current head:  Swami Ritavan Bharati

Swami Veda Bharati–founder of Ahymsin, also Swami Rama’s disciple. He left the body in 2016. I spent all of the time that I was in the past in contact with this tradition, under the indirect teaching of Swami Veda. You can also find some of his books on Amazon including this book (which I have not read) on what composes this tradition: The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation.

Things to come: New Name and a New Facebook Group

Things to come: New Name and a New Facebook Group

The following plans are under consideration, and input is sought from all readers and interested parties. The overall purpose of these changes will be to foster a more easily available and richer, livelier experience for everyone involved.

We will be choosing a new name for this blog, and eventually setting up a new blog under that name.

The goal of the new blog name will be to create a simple, clear and original name which will be memorable and express the purpose of this blog, as well as serving as a brief and easy-to-remember web address.  All ideas welcome–email me or comment below.

We will also be setting up a new Facebook group with the newly selected name. The primary goal of this group will be to facilitate communication and conversation between all involved parties:

          Between teachers and students

          Also between students and each other

The new FB group will enable us to communicate and coordinate activities with other spiritual traditions and organizations which any of us are also involved in.

Finally the FB group it will also enable

Announcements of upcoming events

Sharing of periodic brief inspirational quotes by various scriptures and writers

After the new name has been chosen, the Facebook group will be started and developed in the next days/weeks, and then the new blog will be created and existing material transitioned over to it before transitioning over to it permanently.

Dear Readers; your input is welcome and appreciated:  all comments, ideas, and suggestions relating to any of the above plans are welcome. If you see that something important has been left out, you are also welcome to bring that up as well. 

Please email me with your thoughts at, or comment below.

Sharing grace, peace, and bliss,



Coming soon:

More information about me, my life, journey, experiences in practice.

Future blog subjects currently under contemplation:  (readers please also be invited to send suggestions for topics you are curious about)

Developing a brief questionnaire for beginning students on what motivates you personally to motivate, what you have learned so far, how meditation has affected your life (both pluses and minuses), what you would like to learn, and what you would like to share with teachers and other students about what you have learned. Actually, this is a good start; anyone interested in learning from me, please be invited to answer the above questions. This can be for your own use, and if you so desire, you can also send it to me.

The nature of desire, how it relates to suffering, how it can serve the aspirant in progress toward enlightenment, and how to experiment with desire.

How does awakening actually “feel?” and why is this so?

Why is the Buddha’s advice to practice the 4 kinds of love so effective in helping free the aspirant from suffering?

How to conduct and learn from your own experiments in life practice and mediation. How to share what you have learned with your teachers and other students

How meditation changes the heart and mind of the meditator 

How Buddhism and Yoga meditation compliment each other in helping the student progress toward awakening.

Also coming: links to resources for meditation and related groups. If you are personally a part of a meditation group or tradition that you find helpful, please send me their info along with you they have benefited you. They will be considered for future inclusion in this list. The same is true of books and web resources on meditation and enlightenment.