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Even though I often experience amazing bliss and peace, I still frequently stress out over various things great and not so great. Conclusion: When I’m enlightened it’s just an incredible experience, but it’s not as constant all the time as it seems like it will be when I’m in the throes of that bliss and oneness.  It’s truly embarrassing to admit this, but the only way to finish the job is to practice humility and be truthful; conceit and dishonesty render us incapable of experiencing the Truth; also dangerous to those we would like to teach what we do actually know so far.

Also, a small smile can help me climb back up the chakras out of stress and into peace and awakening much faster than meditation. Why is it so difficult to remember this? And to meditate with a small smile on one’s face? Priceless.

Finally, a fellow meditator tonight told me the chakras are part of the endocrine system and related to regulation of the adrenal glands. I’ve not yet looked this up to verify it, but if it turns out to be true, it could at least help to explain why the adrenal gland comes under regulation by a meditator over time, and also why moving up out of the lower chakras also gets one out of that stressful state of anxiety.

Musings which follow that are: how closely are adrenaline and desire related, anyway? Also; no wonder when I’m below the third eye I feel so stressed!  In fact it seems like just thinking of it this way could give a way to remember to let go of chakras below the crown and stop stressing myself, and move up out of the body.  But, it all still needs more information to make sense of. What do others know about all this? Any good references?

Finally; so, if the endocrine-chakra relationship and also the close adrenal gland relationship are indeed true, then given there is no physical counterpart to area above the head, wonder what on earth is going on in that change from endocrine system to non-physical.  Possibility the specifics of that change could involve useful information.



3 thoughts on “Recent insights

  1. Metatron Light of Me

    This World has become very complicated when it can be VERY VERY SIMPLE!

    The stress of not fitting in because you don’t want to be alone is destroying the Health of this world! All People comes here on Earth to learn! When you plan all the lesson you want to learn for your Higher Soul to Graduate, you plan it with Guides! You have a personal little Beyong the Veil Team to help you in any way you desire. Quiet Your Mind, Believe and Ask! That Simple! Let Yourself get treated like a Queen or King with your Personal Team from Beyong the Veil!

    Then there’s the stress of papers with numbers on it. Did we ever stop and think that maybe we don’t need to spend that much papers with numbers on it daily.
    How do you think the world a long time ago, before all that self care products and cleaning supplies was invented for you to go to work, to get papers with numbers on it to go buy it, used? When all you need to use for self care and cleaning is things Mother Earth provides!

    Join ULTIMATE LIFE CHANGING Facebook group to relearn how to live a SIMPLE , STRESS FREE LIFE!!


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  2. Thank you for your comment Tania. That’s an interesting illustration you have on the group wall (forgetting correct FB terminology…so tired tonight!) I’m curious what that symbol means in it’s totality..seems to be a combination of third eye and several other things? “stress of papers with numbers on it” probably the best description of the phenomenon I’ve seen in a bit. Made me think of the popular quote of unclear origins which talks about destruction of the last tree, fish, leading finally to realizing you can’t eat money.
    I’m not entirely sure how I feel one way or the other about the whole spirit guides and planning your lessons before you’re born idea…seems like maybe a (very popular) popularization of certain properties of karma and other things I know less about? But even if so, popularizations can have a value and usefulness.
    In your group I noticed talk about Auric Fields; first I’ve heard of there being 12, I’ve been interested in becoming able to see or be aware of subtle energies and fields, so this is interesting to me.


  3. Tania, I weighed this in my mind before deciding how best to handle, and I’ve decided it’s best to address here for other readers and would-be commenters:

    Even though I know you slightly and I know your good intent, that last sentence in your comment feels pretty “spammy”. I really hope to always keep advertising to a minimum for anything I offer on this site, both that which would endorse support me and messages like this one.

    Advertisements in comment cause the comment itself to look as though really the WHOLE comment was only an advertisement, or at the very least mainly a filler made to look like a comment with the ulterior (and truer) motive to advertise for services for a profit.

    This is fundamentally not what comments on a page such as this one will ever be for, as the purpose of the page is to support deeper awareness of TRUTH, and falseness in communication because of a desire to profit one’s business is ever an energy which militates against that in our society, in me and also in you.

    That being the case, I ask that you Tania and anyone else to please focus comments on the purpose of this blog. That is; offering information, ideas, suggestions, support, and comments which support our growing direct personal awareness of the Truth of our nature. Or of the nature of being, non-being, love, the Mother, Father, or whatever names you currently would use to represent your own ultimate Truth.

    Posted by DR MARTINA FEYZRAKHMANOVA on Thinking Clearly has a blog post “Ethics” as a form of marketing ( ) The title of which signals pretty much what I’ve come to think about often as I decide on the shape of my writings here and elsewhere.

    She goes into more than just this, but to sum up my own thoughts; the more truly I align actions and words with my truest values of the ultimate reality of love, compassion, and Oneness, the more fully I signal that I indeed mean what I believe, and that I intend to live by it. If I wish to be authentic then, I need to do authentic. If what I REALLY have to offer is of interest, then no description will be nearly as good as a demonstration. And no one will be attracted to the real thing by a set of words or actions which don’t actually embody that truth.

    I have a lot more to say on the subject, but that’s for another time. Now you all might wish to peruse Dr Feyzrakhmanova’s thoughtful piece.


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