HAI–Humans being Human

Hello all, 

Just found my tribe, my people. 

Spent a weekend on retreat at a workshop created by HAI; Human Awareness Institute. 

HAI is basically a community of Humans being human together, living at fully conscious, intentional choice and consent about every moment of their relationships, and embracing and celebrating compassionately all our diversities of being, thought, and experience. 

You can find out more about HAI at HAI.org, But here is part of their home page to give you an idea of what they are about:

Want to feel more love in your life?


Everyone deserves lives filled with love and loving connections.  It’s really that simple.

You deserve it. No matter how much love you already have in your life, or how little, our workshops will help you to have more.  Too often, our life experiences cause us to be wary of intimacy, or not know how to connect.


At the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops, we create a safe environment that encourages stepping into the flow of intimacy.  Give yourself richer friendshipswarmer family dynamics, and extraordinary depth in all your relationships.  Open to a world of joy and connection and allow yourself to naturally and comfortably express your heartfelt love and intimacy.

The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) weekend workshops

Learn to communicate your deepest feelings

Live at choice

Improve your body image and discover your innate beauty

Discover the joy of knowing how to connect with others

Examine and change the habits and patterns that get in the way of love

Risk, Trust, Listen, Share, Honor, Laugh

Embrace your sexuality as a special – and sacred – part of your life

At our weekend Love workshops you will discover how your habits and beliefs about love, intimacy and sexuality affect your relationships, body image, sexual satisfaction, and ability to find love.

As I said: humans being human.  I think many indigenous peoples still know how to do this, but many or most of us in the “civilized” portions of the world, could, in my opinion at least, really benefit from the refresher course and community of humans that HAI is.  Go see for yourself; they give mini workshops all over the world. It’s a wonderful experience. 


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